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Changing Hearts and Raising Funds for Farm Animals: Join us again in 2014!
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How Your Support Helps Animals

Walker Stories

The Walk for Farm Animals is a fun, positive way to get involved in supporting Farm Sanctuary and our work to help abused farm animals. Walkers participate for many reasons. Below are just a few of their stories.

Meghan Smith

Meghan Smith – Atlanta, GA

The Walk for Farm Animals is something I look forward to participating in every year. The Walk is a yearly reminder that I am not alone, fighting the good fight for animals rights and welfare. I have come to know my community and have developed close friendships after meeting at the Walk. Fundraising is one of the most worthwhile activities of the event as you can see an actual result of your hard work in support of Farm Sanctuary and its life-saving work. I know by reaching out to others I am making them more aware of Farm Sanctuary and the realities of factory farming as well as what they can do to save pigs like Julia, cattle like Jay, and goats like Lily. It is for them that I participate and make their voices heard.

Bryan Wilson

Bryan Wilson – Orlando, FL

I have had a wonderful time every year that I have been part of the Walk for Farm Animals. It was because of a visit to the New York Shelter that my wife and I went vegan, and now I raise funds to help those animals who opened my eyes by reaching out to friends and family and asking them to sponsor me at the Orlando Walk. It is so vital to spread the word about how farm animals are raised and why they need to be rescued, and the Walks are a great way to educate the public and to offer great vegan alternatives. Farm Sanctuary deserves a huge “thanks!” for coordinating the Walks across North America and for fighting for the amazing animals treated so callously on factory farms.

Murielle Varhelyi

Murielle Varhelyi – Toronto, ON

I first learned about Farm Sanctuary through the Adopt a Turkey campaign many years ago. I’ve been a fan and supporter ever since. Last year, I had the absolute honor of visiting Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres in Acton, CA. Being able to hang out in the yard with ducks, chickens, and turkeys was amazing. Despite the horrible cruelty they endured at the hands of humans, these animals were happy and willing to share their space with us. I was particularly taken with Russell, an enormous and very handsome turkey who loves his chest rubbed and is a real ladies’ man. I can attest to that — I fell in love! Of course, we all Walk for animals like Russell first and foremost. Beyond that, what drew me to the Walk for Farm Animals is the awareness sparked through the positive voice we are able to bring to the streets. "Compassion for All!" is a simple yet powerful message.

Nancy Flood

Nancy Flood – Chicago, IL

I am proud to have walked with Farm Sanctuary in 2012. It was my second Walk and, as always, it was an amazing, uplifting experience. Not only does the Walk help bring awareness about the cruelties of factory farming, but it also highlights the sanctuaries’ rescued animals, who have feelings and families and feel pain just like us. Farm Sanctuary is a wonderful organization that helps combat factory-farm cruelty and promotes a compassionate vegan lifestyle. Every dollar raised at the Walks helps Farm Sanctuary stop these abuses and take of rescued animals.

Nancy Flood

Nick Stack – Portland, OR

The Walk for Farm Animals is a great way for people who are passionate about animals to come together and show their support in a visible way. By bringing together many like-minded people, new friends are made and current friendships are deepened. The Walk is also lots of fun and with numerous activities. The 2012 Portland Walk moved to a downtown location that allowed us to walk through the heart of the city and show everyone how much we care about farm animals. The Walk also raises crucial funds for Farm Sanctuary to promote compassion for farm animals. Fundraising allows many walkers to educate their friends and family about the condition of farm animals and allow them to support crucial reforms in the way our society treats animals. I am already looking forward to this fall’s Walk.

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